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Oilers - One Shot 

• Use on machinery, machine tools, punch presses, food processing machines and many types of special equipment
• Provide a convenient method of supplying a metered quantity of oil to the machine by simple manual actuation of lever or handle

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Order # Description 1Description 2Discharge Pressure PSIDischarge Volume Per ShotMethod of OperationReservoir Capacity Your Price Find a Distributor for Your Area
47112545 200CC Pull Button One-Shot Oiler Bijur #L2PC2988C301 - 2Pull Button200cc $183.42
47112546 1 Liter Push Lever One-Shot Oiler Bijur #L18P-RD3033C656 - 18Right Hand1 Liter $465.93
47112547 1 Pint Left Hand PushLever One-Shot Oiler Bijur #L5P-L751 - 5Left Hand
Push Lever
1 Pint $296.05
47112556 1 Pint Right Hand PushLevel One-Shot Oiler Bijur #L5P-R751 - 5Right Hand
Push Lever
1 Pint $296.05
47112557 1 Pint Pull Handle One-Shot Oiler Bijur #HIP-PD3204C304 - 16Pull Handle1 Pint $317.32
47112558 1 Liter Push Lever One-Shot Oiler Bijur #L18P-LD3217C656 - 18Left Hand
Push Lever
1 Liter $465.93
47112559 1 Pint Push Lever One-Shot Oiler Bijur #HAP-PD3221C604 - 16Push Lever1 Pint $309.33