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Woodruff Keys - Stainless Steel

  • Half-moon shaped keys lock pulleys and gears to transmission shafts.
  • Woodruff keys go deep into the keyway shaft and become embeddedbut can still rock and adjust to an angular spine.
  • Will withstand great strain making rollover impossible.
  • Provides a bearing surface for the entire length of the keyed shaft.
  • Can be purchased in broken package quantities.

TYPE 316 STAINLESS STEEL - Excellent corrosion resistance. Will withstand many chemicals. Nonmagnetic.

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Order # Nominal Key Size (W x B)Key NumberUSA Standard NumberPackage Quantity Your Price Find a Distributor for Your Area
57801071 1/16x1/42012025 $3.39
57801072 1/16x5/16206202-1/25 $3.42
57801073 1/16x3/82112035 $3.37
57801074 1/16x1/212045 $2.87
57801075 3/32x5/16207302-1/25 $3.37
57801076 3/32x3/82123035 $3.39
57801077 3/32x1/223045 $2.96
57801079 1/8x3/82134035 $3.74
57801080 1/8x1/234045 $3.05
57801081 1/8x5/854055 $3.44
57801082 1/8x3/474065 $4.21
57801083 5/32x5/865055 $4.00
57801084 5/32x3/485065 $4.61
57801086 3/16x5/8616055 $4.36
57801087 3/16x3/496065 $4.65
57801088 3/16x7/8116075 $5.03
57801096 1/4x3/4918065 $5.01
57801097 1/4x7/8A8075 $5.79
57801099 1/4x1158085 $7.08